Here We Will Talk About What We have Accomplished And Committed To Do.

  • Danny & Danyela D’Angelo

    Danny D’Angelo has been competing in USPSA open and outlaw 3 gun for a few years. As a member of several “teams” Danny shoots for POF-USA, EMG Customs, Vortex optics, and Beretta to name a few. (in Open division, ALWAYS Open division) He will be the first to admit that his story is overshadowed by his oldest daughter Danyela every time. “She gets all of the attention, and I couldn’t be prouder.” Dad keeps busy shooting alongside his namesake and trying to stay just one step ahead. “For now she only beats me on a stage or two in any given match, but I fear that will change soon, and I will need to start asking HER for pointers.” “I’m honored to shoot on Team Frontier! When our division leader boards are separated by tenths of seconds, there is NO room for error, I know my FMP projectiles will group in the same hole at 90 yards, If ONLY could shoot them that straight!”