Spartan Bullets are CNC machined from pure copper. There are two main nose designs, each providing their own performance benefits. The Phalanx design is a solid nose penetrator and is designed for use in the high-penetration requirements of dangerous game calibres. The majority of the Spartan Range of calibres has a micro-drilled hollow point, allowing for controlled expansion.

Spartan Bullets expand up to 2.2 times the original diameter, while maintaining 95%+ of the original weight. Because Spartans are made from pure copper, no lead is present at all in reloading or hunting with the Spartan Bullets. No lead means no contamination, no harm, and a cleaner all-round experience.

The Frontier Range Master Bullets are based on the same design as the Frontier Spartan Bullets, allowing premium bullet hunters to practice with the cheaper Range Master, with minimal adjustments required when returning to the Spartan Premium Hunting Bullets.

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